The cage of the time or why Chigetsu is a nightingale

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Oshi yosete / uguisu ichiwa / toshi no kure

Year’s last twilight ring —
even I am the nightingale
in the cage of time

The cage of the time or the cage of a nightingale. Eternal space and transient space. Image you the last sunet of the year. It is winter and the yearly rotation of the earth around the sun is closing , is complete, with this last sunse . An earthen world around a light sphere. The sentiment of “sabi” is very deep. “Toshi no kure“, the time of the year was finished. The rotating circle of the year was closed.
In this circle, of the time or of a cage the solitude is sharp, is accentuated. “Ichi” from “ichiwa” can be an intensive particule, a particle of emphasis, of increasing. Just l and a nightingale in a cage. Both of us in the same circle. A time cage is a bird cage.
A poetess-nun and a nightingale, closed în the same circle. The two identities superpose and they become only one. A single identity. Only l by mysel . An absolute solitudine. Equaled, perhaps, just by the solitude of the women who weave in the winter nights, listening to the chirping of the crickets, set in a small glass jar, in the same room, near by them .
But why a ninghtingale? There are many other birds living în the winter time, or all their life, in a cage.
In each imagination there is a stary gate . I invite you to listen to the song of this haiku by a poetess-nun-nightingale, coming through this star gate, from the distance of a setting time.

Clelia Ifrim

* Kawai Chigetsu-ni , Japanese poetess, 1632 – 1718.


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